Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients

What to expect...

We will review a brief medical history, obtain an informed consent and discuss your foot care concerns and goals. Followed by a 30 minute session includes trimming, filing, thinning of the toenails. We will reduce any corn and calluses you may have. We will provide a foot and skin assessment. At the conclusion of your visit, we will make any recommendations we see necessary.

 Does it hurt?

Absolutely not! We are experienced with working with seniors and take a gentle approach to our work.


Will I bleed? 

Our bleed rate is less than 1%. We want you to come back after all.


I have neglected my feet for years & I am embarrassed? 

There is nothing to be ashamed of. This is what we are here for. We are here to help get you back to feeling good and walking without discomfort. Initial visits do require a longer office visit. We recommend regular foot care maintenance for best results.

Do you provide care to diabetic patients?

Yes we do, all of the time. Individuals with a history of diabetes should most defiantly seek a qualified foot care provider for regular visits to prevent the risk of infections.

Can you work on fungal and thick nails?

Yes, we can thin these down. This often gives patients immediate relief.

Can you tell me if my nails are fungal?

We cannot diagnose fungal nails, but can make referrals to your Primary care Provider for a diagnosis.

Do you sterilize tools?

All supplies used are disposable one time use or sterilized. We carry enough tools to provide each client with their own set of tools per each service.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we are a licensed business, carrying extensive liability insurance.

How much does your standard service cost?

Please for current pricing and availability in your area.

Do you accept insurance or Medicare? 

No we do not. Our self-pay policy allows us to keep cost down for everyone. Some insurances pay for routine foot care services. We are generally less expensive than most deductibles plus we give you a 30 minute, attentive service. If you would like to compare our costs with a podiatry visit, please contact your local podiatrist and insurance provider. We accept Cash, Check or Card at time of service.

How do I make an appointment for myself, my parent or grandparent?

Please to schedule an appointment

 What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

Please call us as soon as you know & we will help accommodate you. We have a 24 hour no show/late cancellation policy. Late cancellations or no shows may incur fees.

Do I need to soak my feet before my service? 

No you do not. We do not soak at the office as well. It is actually recommended not to soak as it increases risk of injury and infection.

How are you different than a podiatrist? 

Podiatrists diagnose and treat conditions of the foot & ankle. Some podiatrist will perform routine foot care services such as nail trimming. This may be billed through insurance or it may be billed to you directly. Please discuss this with your local podiatrist. We are here as an option for your foot care services. We will make recommendations for further medical attention if we encounter anything that is beyond our scope of practice. 

What does the podiatry industry think of foot care nurse industry?

As with any new industry some will embrace it & some will not. We are simply an option for you - the patient, to choose who provides your foot care. We believe this is your right as a patient to decide. You can go to a podiatrist AND utilize our services. It’s not in our nature to choose for you. Well-established podiatry groups embrace our services for taking the routine foot care burden off of them.

Do you make orthotics?

No, we do not.  We can make referrals.

I get a pedicure at the nail salon is this safe?

We understand the relaxation a good pedicure can provide. Nail technicians are trained to relax and beautify. Some nail technicians have received extra training to provide services to the high risk client such as the seniors. Pedicures can be risky for the senior demographic. Thinning skin changes, medical conditions such as diabetes and poor circulation can put seniors at an increased risk of infection. We encourage you to do your own research into the salon you choose.

Do you polish nails?

No, we do not. As a medical based company, our focus is on the health & wellness of the feet. Nail polish can conceal and harbor bacteria.

I have polish on my toenails, will you remove this? 

Yes, we can remove all Non-Gel polish. We would prefer if you came with polish already removed. We want to see your nail plate to examine the health of the nail.

I have gel polish on, can you provide a service to me?

We ask that before coming to us for any service, please visit a salon for removal of gel polish. We can cut your nails but we will not be able to file your nails with our E-file as the gel polish ruins the burrs we use. In addition, it takes too long for the removal of gel in our clinic settings for us to perform this service.

Access to safe, routine foot care shouldn't be a challenge. We are here to provide your foot care needs when you or your loved one are no longer able to.